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Regular Kits

Image Name Manuals
Snap Circuits 100 (Jr.)
Electronic Snap Circuits Jr. 1-101 Manual
Snap Circuits 300
Electronic Snap Circuits 1-101 Manual

102-305 Manual

Snap Circuits 500 (Pro)
Electronic Snap Circuits Pro 1-101 Manual

102-305 Manual 306-511 Manual

Snap Circuits 750 (Extreme)
Electronic Snap Circuits Extreme 1-101 Manual

102-305 Manual 306-511 Manual 512-692 Manual

Snaptricity Snaptricity Manual
Snap Circuits Green Alternative Energy Manual
Snap-Micro I Snap-Micro I Manual
RC Snap Rover RC Snap Rover Manual
Deluxe Snap Rover Deluxe Snap Rover Manual

Mini Kits

Image Name
Snap-circuits-mini-musical-recorder 1
Mini Kit: Musical Recorder
Mini Kit: FM Radio
Mini Kit: Motion Detector
Mini Kit: Music Box
Mini Kit: Double Space Battle
Mini Kit: Flying Saucer

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